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MathRiders Parent, Lisbon, Portugal

10 czerwca, 2015 | “I was so ready for my daughter to fail I didn't think she could do the first lesson. She has adjusted very well to MathRiders lessons and her attitude has changed. She had been so afraid to speak u [...]Rozwiń skrótp at school, now she gets involved. She isn't afraid of failure anymore.” [...]Zwiń skrót

Nitay Sheffer, MathRiders student, Israel

10 czerwca, 2015 | "The MathRiders programme was unique and the materials were great, they reinforced what I was learning in school and made maths fun. My skills improved and best of all, my test scores did too!" [...]Rozwiń skrót [...]Zwiń skrót

Lori Hadari, MathRiders Business Development

10 czerwca, 2015 | “A need for additional maths programmes to complement public school curriculum has been firmly established, and MathRiders makes maths an exciting part of everyday experience, giving students the to [...]Rozwiń skrótols necessary to achieve better grades in school. We are delighted that both parents and teachers have seen the results and benefits of MathRiders, creating new opportunities for the franchise to develop throughout Poland, and beyond.” [...]Zwiń skrót

Alicja Zwara, MathRiders Learning Studio Franchisor

26 maja, 2015 | ” Our results show success. I do believe that the MathRiders method is a really great tool for Polish children; it not only helps them succeed in maths but that it also challenges the stereotype tha [...]Rozwiń skrótt maths are only for gifted. MathRiders truly helps youth expand horizons and opportunities for their futures.” [...]Zwiń skrót

Michal Nagar, MathRiders Development Team

26 maja, 2015 | “As classes are only 4-8 students, each child receives personal attention, while building important social skills they would not receive with a more expensive private tutor. My main goal is eliminat [...]Rozwiń skróting fear of maths and showing children of all ages that maths is really interesting and exciting.”   [...]Zwiń skrót