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Alicja Zwara, MathRiders Learning Studio Franchisor

26 maja, 2015 | ” Our results show success. I do believe that the MathRiders method is a really great tool for Polish children; it not only helps them succeed in maths but that it also challenges the stereotype tha [...]Rozwiń skrótt maths are only for gifted. MathRiders truly helps youth expand horizons and opportunities for their futures.” [...]Zwiń skrót

Michal Nagar, MathRiders Development Team

26 maja, 2015 | “As classes are only 4-8 students, each child receives personal attention, while building important social skills they would not receive with a more expensive private tutor. My main goal is eliminat [...]Rozwiń skróting fear of maths and showing children of all ages that maths is really interesting and exciting.”   [...]Zwiń skrót